17:00 UTC 8 April Wednesday for NCUC online mtg

Robin Gross robin at IPJUSTICE.ORG
Wed Apr 1 00:22:18 CEST 2009

Thanks to those who "doodled" to help pick a meeting date/time for  
the next NCUC online mtg.

It looks like Wednesday, April 8 at 17:00 UTC is the best time to  
hold the meeting based on members' availability.

Once again, we'll use Elluminate online meeting software for the  
discussion.  I'll send around that link in a few days.

So please mark your calendar for next Wednesday, 8 April from 17:00  
(UTC) for 2 hours.  A proposed discussion agenda for the mtg is below.

Here is how the time slot converts globally:
UTC: 17:00 April 8 WED:
London:  18:00
Geneva:  17:00
Rio:  14:00
NYC:  13:00
San Francisco:  10:00
Phnom Penh:  0:00 Midnight (Wed-Thur)
Singapore:  01:00 (Thur. 9 April)

Discussion Agenda for NCUC Monthly Meeting

8 April 2009 (17:00 -- 19:00 UTC) Wednesday

I.  Substantive Policy Discussions

  1.  GNSO Restructuring Discussion

  2.  Introduction of New gTLD Policy Concerns (IRT "team", MAPO)

  3.  Update on other GNSO teams (whois, post-expiry domain names  
recovery, travel policy)

II.  NCUC Administrative / Constituency Business

  1.  NCUC Representation on GNSO Committees / Working Groups

  2.  Recruiting New NCUC Members & Participants

  3.  Planning for 21-26 June Sydney ICANN Meeting

  4.  Next NCUC Monthly Meeting: Early MAY 2009 TBD (“To Be Doodled”)

  5.  Any Other Business


Thank you!

I hope you will all join in the online meeting on 8 April at 17:00 UTC.

All best,

Robin Gross, Executive Director
1192 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA  94117  USA
p: +1-415-553-6261    f: +1-415-462-6451
w: http://www.ipjustice.org     e: robin at ipjustice.org

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