NCUC members and Webex

Norbert Klein nhklein at GMX.NET
Mon Jan 28 03:17:38 CET 2008

On Monday, 28 January 2008 05:14:34 Robin Gross wrote:
> Yes, I never received anything further on WebEx either (and am eager
> to try it out).
> Robin


> > Milton L Mueller wrote:
> >> I just noticed today that on January 19 PIR sent me a login
> >> information
> >> for the new Webex arrangement they are doing for us. I mention this
> >> because it was automatically put into my spam file for reasons I
> >> am not
> >> sure of.

I do not think it landed in my spam filter, because I regularly check mine
about once a week, after if had detected - more by chance - an important mail
in the spam filter about half a year ago; now I find something I wanted to
get about once a month: normally thinkgs which were sent to multiple


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