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> Possible ‘Next Steps’ in Dispute Resolution
> Document released by ICANN for Public Notice
> 11 January 2008
> MARINA DEL REY, Calif.: Following the posting of the Frameworks and  
> Principles for Accountability and Transparency, the Internet  
> Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers today published a  
> document that countenances some possible additional improvements in  
> dispute resolution mechanisms.
> In response to feedback on accountability and transparency issues  
> during the consultation process — especially feedback received  
> during a workshop at ICANN’s Los Angeles meeting held in November  
> 2007 — the ‘Next Steps’ document contains two ideas:
> First, that the Board Governance Committee schedule a review of  
> existing dispute resolution mechanisms to identify ways in which  
> they may might provide even higher levels of accountability. This  
> approach is inline with ICANN’s commitment to regularly review its  
> structures.
> Second, that in the context of the upcoming Board review, the  
> possibility of a mechanism for the community to ask the Board to  
> reconsider a decision be investigated, along with a mechanism to  
> dissolve and reconstitute the Board should it engage in unethical  
> or other misbehavior.
> The document [PDF, 89K] is posted for public notice prior to final  
> consideration by the Board.
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