FW: [announce] Fellowships to Ensure Global Voices Heard at ICANN

Adam Peake ajp at GLOCOM.AC.JP
Thu Aug 16 04:12:52 CEST 2007

At 3:29 PM -0700 8/15/07, Mawaki Chango wrote:
>I'm struck with this distribution: 5 for Africa, and 15 for the

The meeting was in the Caribbean. I think the description of the
fellowship said it would try to bring more from the region where the
meeting was held (as makes sense to do so etc.)

I also encouraged a person from Africa to apply, will tell them to keep trying.

As well as inviting the fellows to the NCUC meeting, would be a good
idea for the NCUC executive to talk to the global partnerships group
at ICANN about the program.  There's an ALAC program for travel that
non-commercial people don't quite fit with, and there's this
fellowship program that they also don't quite fit with.


>I'm aware that there might sometimes be lack of
>interest or shortage of good candidatures from Africa; however,
>I did directly encouraged one candidature that is certainly a
>very valid and valuable one but not on the win list. I'm just
>noting and wondering what might be the reasons of such
>Good initiative though, and good luck to the winning fellows.
>--- karen banks <karenb at GN.APC.ORG> wrote:
>>  hi
>>  >I would strongly encourage NCUC members from "the South" to
>>  take
>>  >advantage of these fellowships to attend upcoming ICANN
>>  meetings
>>  i did encourage a few folk, but i don't think any of them were
>>  selected..
>>  pretty impressive list:
>>  http://www.icann.org/fellowships/san-juan-attendees-jun07.htm
>>  "Thirty-three fellows were selected from 125 applications
>>  received.
>>  65% of the fellows and 68% of applicants had never attended an
>>  meeting. There were nine fellowship participants who were
>>  approved
>>  but decided to postpone taking part until the Los Angeles
>>  meeting."
>>  33 participants is not bad at all, and i really welcome the
>>  initiative
>>  scanning the list, i do wonder if all really needed a grant
>>  from
>>  ICANN (ie, couldn't get from their organisations, governments,
>>  ISOC
>>  etc) but all in all, a good effort
>>  i'll certainly enoucourage people to apply again
>>  karen
>>  >--MM
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>>  >Fellowships to Ensure Global Voices Heard at ICANN
>>  >http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcement-02aug07.htm
>>  >
>>  >More voices from across the globe will be heard at ICANN's
>>  30th
>>  >International Public Meeting in Los Angeles later this year
>>  thanks to
>>  >the global fellowships program being launched today.
>>  >
>>  >Please distribute this notice to constituency members and
>>  others in view
>>  >of the ICANN meetings in Los Angeles in October 2007.
>>  >
>>  >Thank you.
>>  >Kind regards,
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