Today's Domain Tasting Teleconference Update

Milton L Mueller mueller at SYR.EDU
Tue Aug 14 23:13:33 CEST 2007

Danny, participation on this group looks a bit unbalanced. Where are the registries? I thought they were deeply concerned about domain tasting... 

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Notes from today's Domain Tasting teleconference (as
prepared by ICANN staffer Olof Nordling).

Action points, conference call 1 August 2007

1. The RFI version 2.3 was cleared for posting with
the caveats that:
a) registrars, via Jothan F, have until COB 8 August
to suggest other wording for Q11-12
b) Patrick J will check with ICANN Legal staff if RFI
needs legal scrutiny 

2. Staff will post the cleared RFI on ICANN website
and on BigPulse [note: this is an online polling
service] for freeform input. There will be a link to
BigPulse from the ICANN posting indicating this

Foreseen posting date 10 August, 
deadline for input 15 September,
compilation of input by 21 September.

3. Kristina R and Jothan F will bilaterally pursue
finalization of the UDRP providers questions by 13

4. Paul S and Danny Y will call for volunteers for
data analysis once statistical sampling is ready.

5. Staff will request comments on domain tasting
experiences from the remaining ccTLD registries within
the top 10 and also notify the ccNSO for
ccTLD input once the RFI is posted.

6. Olof N will develop graph on deletes within AGP for
com and net from start 2007 until April.

7. Kristina R and Nick A-H will be in contact
separately concerning BigPulse use for the IPC.

8. Desirable to canvas RFI input from participants in
Domain RoundTable in Seattle, suggested by Jothan F -
advice on best way to do that appreciated!
Mike Rodenbaugh - chair CBUC (Council) 
Kristina Rosette - IPC (Council)
Greg Ruth - ISPCP 
Danny Younger - NCUC 
Jothan Frakes - Registrar constituency
Margie Milam - Registrar constituency 
Paul Stahura - Registrar constituency
Marilyn Cade - CBUC

Olof Nordling - Manager, Policy Development
Patrick Jones - Registry Liaison Manager 
Nick Ashton Hart - Director for At-Large 
Glen de Saint Géry  - GNSO Secretariat

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