Domain Tasting Ad Hoc WG Meeting notes

Danny Younger dannyyounger at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 2 14:03:05 CEST 2007

The following summary of the Domain Tasting Ad Hoc
Working Group meeting yesterday was prepared by ICANN
Staff member Olof Nordling:

Action points, conference call 1 August 2007

1. Revised RFI version dispatched by chair to list
after the meeting.  Staff will work on making the
language more accessible and revert with a suggested
new version to the list by 3 August. Jothan F offered
to prepare FAQ draft as RFI annex by 3 August to the
list. Final adoption of RFI foreseen at next meeting 8
August, with target date for posting 10 August and
deadline for input mid-September. Chair will bring up
the target dates at the Council meeting 9 August.

[Danny's note:  Revised RFI at]

2. More specific questions may be added to the RFI by
the constituencies individually, for their internal
distribution of the RFI and collection of responses to

[Danny's note:  NCUC may wish to submit questions
designed to gather more data to be added to the RFI --
one week deadline if this is to be pursued]

3. Kristina R’s draft of questions to UDRP providers
will be further developed with suggestions from Jothan
F and Margie M after the call.  

4. Relating to Bruce T’s email suggestions of 26 July
[Danny's note, see]

Patrick J will ask registries whether they can release
recent deletes-within-AGP data and follow-up with
Nominet regarding their domain tasting experiences. 
Margie M offered to provide the group with the latest
BrandJacking data. Paul S (and
Danny Y) will attempt to make a statistical snapshot,
sampling the .com zone file for a five-day period.    

[Danny's note:  an MP3 recording of the session is
available at

Mike Rodenbaugh - chair CBUC (Council) 
Kristina Rosette - IPC (Council)
Greg Ruth - ISPCP 
Danny Younger - NCUC 
Jothan Frakes - Registrar constituency
Margie Milam - Registrar constituency 
Paul Stahura - Registrar constituency

Absent apologies:
Sophia Bekele - Nominating Committee appointee to
Marilyn Cade - CBUC

Olof Nordling - Manager, Policy Development
Patrick Jones - Registry Liaison Manager 
Nick Ashton Hart - Director for At-Large 
Glen de Saint Géry  - GNSO Secretariat

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