GA Letter to the GNSO Council

Danny Younger dannyyounger at YAHOO.COM
Thu Aug 16 20:53:48 CEST 2007

The following letter has been sent by the GA Chair to
the GNSO Council.  I would ask our NCUC reps to place
this matter on the Council's agenda.

Dear Councilors,

This letter is a formal request from the GNSO General
Assembly for recognition of our List Rules and for a
directive that we be allowed to interface with those
in control of the List in order to implement our new

Our GA list will be more effective in contributing to
the business of the GNSO if we are allowed a modicum
of self governance. Within the Rules we have provided
for reasonable self organization and a disciplinary

We are mindful of the differences which from time to
time may exist between the GA and the existing
structural members of ICANN. It is by establishing
procedures and restraints that we hope to change those
differences into contributions.

Please earnestly consider this request.

Eric Hugh Dierker
GA Chair

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