US Commerce Dept drops a bombshell

Milton Mueller Mueller at SYR.EDU
Thu Jun 30 22:47:18 CEST 2005

>>> Carlos Afonso <ca at RITS.ORG.BR> 06/30/05 4:12 PM >>>
>the USA's hand on the root zone file is just a small bit of the
>governance realm being discussed by the WGIG.

Frankly, it is the only part the WGIG has any real hope of changing in
the near term.

>What is the USA going to do otherwise, invade Geneva and
>bring Markus Kummer to Guantanamo to confess everything??

Markus in an orange suit....hmmmm....

>On the other hand, it is a very concrete counterpoint to the
>who keep trying to convince us that Icann represents an independent,
>autonomous, bottom-up, and above all global organization...

That's what puzzles me. A better way to discredit ICANN could not be


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