WHOIS expertise?

Milton Mueller mueller at SYR.EDU
Wed Jun 22 16:59:13 CEST 2005

>>> Adam Peake <ajp at GLOCOM.AC.JP> 6/22/2005 8:04:12 AM >>>
>GAC's meeting, but if we suggest relevant people to present a view
>from a data protection, privacy and rights perspective I can only
>think they will find it useful...

Think again....the meeting is closed...and rigged. We have raised this
issue in the WHOIS Task Force. The US Commerce Dept. official (S. Sene)
putting togethe the program said that they would deal with privacy
(maybe) next time, in Vancouver.

>Simon Davies or Gus Hosein, Privacy international
>Rikke Frank Joergensen,

Any of those people would be great, but I doubt we have the money to
import more people. Couldn't any of them come in their capacity as
advocates? I've always tried to get Gus to join the NCUC anyway. Maybe
now is the time.

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