Support for Luxembourg meeting

Carlos Afonso ca at RITS.ORG.BR
Tue Jun 21 16:01:05 CEST 2005

Dear Kathy and all, I agree we need to establish a meeting agenda and
this should help in defining priorities regarding funding attendees, but
I think this discussion must be with everyone in the NCUC, not just the
Exec Comm. However, if the Exec Comm wants to be proactive on this, it
might as well put forward ASAP a proposal.

I am particularly worried about the overall ICANN strategies and
processes -- we could call it a transition crisis --, while the NCUC is
mostly enclosed within a GNSO-related agenda.

fraternal rgds


KathrynKL at AOL.COM wrote:

> To All:
> I am debating over how many people the Consituency needs at this meeting.
> I have been a member of the WHOIS Task Force 2 since it started over a
> year and a half ago. The recommendation I drafted (#2) is now in
> circulation.  I see clearly the traps that are being laid for our
> Constituency and our privacy concerns in Luxembourg.  It is ridiculous
> that only law enforcement issues/WHOIS are being discussed while the
> data protection officials who wanted to attend this meeting and talk
> were dismissed (for some future, remote meeting).  I think there are
> some snags we can throw into the process...
> I think our Executive Board should meet to debate and decide our
> priorities for this meeting -- and who they would like to see attend.
> Regards, Kathy (Kleiman)
>> I will be attending the ICANN meeting this time and would appreciate some
>> assistance once consideration's been given to council members and others
>> with greater need - but, as we have no independent sources of funding for
>> the trip, any support would be appreciated.

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