urgent: telephone access to Luxembourg meeting

Milton Mueller Mueller at SYR.EDU
Mon Jun 27 17:29:01 CEST 2005

FW and all:
I've sent a note asking for the line. Reluctantly, however. Everything
Frannie says is true (with the possible exception that no one will
notice if we don't use it.)

But here's my beef: I'd like to see people telling me: "Hey I plan to
participate in the meeting, how do I call in?"
What I'm hearing instead is, "I have no particular plan to call in but
we have a right to a telephone line."

So let's talk now about what time of day would facilitate remote
participation. For those of you who are interested, what kind of
scheduling would best?

>>> Frannie Wellings <fwellings at FREEPRESS.NET> 06/27/05 8:44 AM >>>
Use the phone or not, they wouldn't even notice and who's
going to judge us if it isn't used?  That meeting room could very
likely have a phone in it already. The Mar del Plata room did which
enabled you to join the meeting.  They're used widely, and frankly, I
think it should be provided by ICANN as a rule to NCUC and ALAC. It
barely troubles them. We should be given the tools of any other
constituency/TF, and if anything, should be given an ICANN toll free
dial in number for civil society participation during the NCUC

I agree with Horacio that it would be good to join through the net,
but it's likely we won't get it together before hand... i.e. which
application, gathering usernames, etc. and people are always dropped.

I think it would be best if ICANN would provide a phone and toll free
number for both the NCUC and ALAC meetings.  I'm sure we could go
over their budget/salaries/travel expenses and see this as a
teeny-tiny cost for them, while it would be beneficial to them by
enabling civil society participation.


At 4:44 PM -0400 6/24/05, Milton Mueller wrote:
>Unless you guarantee me that you personally are going to use the
>or someone else on this list does, I am going to tell Glen to not set
>up. It saps our credibility to ask for resources and not use them. \
>Dr. Milton Mueller
>Syracuse University School of Information Studies
>>>>  Frannie Wellings <fwellings at FREEPRESS.NET> 06/23/05 10:21 AM >>>
>I would tell them yes... we should at least have it available just in
>case.  Would be great if they could pay for a toll free conferencing
>line, too, for both the ALAC and NCUC.
>Milton Mueller wrote:
>>ICANN staff wants to know whether we need or want a telephone line
>>remote participation in the Luxembourg constituency meeting. If you
>>to monitor or participate in our meeting remotely, please let me
>>immediately. thanks
>>Dr. Milton Mueller
>>Syracuse University School of Information Studies

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Frannie Wellings
Free Press
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