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Your constituency members are invited to participate in the "Domain Name
Users Workshop: New Top Level Domains" scheduled for Sunday, 10 July
2005, from 14:30 -17:00 in the LuxExpo's "Salle 10" room in Luxembourg

All individuals interested in the current new sTLD process, and the
issues that must be resolved to move forward on the introduction of new
gTLDs,  are encouraged to attend the Workshop.  In addition to providing
an overview of current activities and key stakeholder concerns and
positions in this area, there will be an open discussion of how
individual Internet users are affected by the introduction of new top
level domains.  The agenda is included below.

We would appreciate it if you would post and distribute this invitation
to your constituency members.

Thank you for your assistance


The At-Large Advisory Committee
committee at alac.icann.org 



Sunday, 10 July 2005
14:30 * 17:00
LuxExpo <http://www.icannluxembourg.org/en/Venue.php>, Luxembourg City

Open discussion of how individual Internet users are affected by the
introduction of new top level domains
Sponsored by the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee
<http://www.alac.icann.org/> (ALAC)


*14:30 Welcome and Introductions* ~ Vittorio Bertola, Chair, ALAC

*New Sponsored Top Level Domains (sTLDs)* ~ What are they? How are they
chosen? When will they launch? What do they mean for individual Internet
users? Can we expect more? ICANN's Board has designated .JOBS and
.TRAVEL as new sponsored top level domains (sTLDs), and five more
applications are pending: .MOBI, .XXX, .CAT, .POST, .ASIA, .MAIL,
.TEL-Pulver, and .TEL-Telnic. How will they benefit the world's
individual Internet users? What are their deployment plans, including
initially-reserved names and registration of personal names? How will
they apply internationalized domain names (IDNs)? What is their
perspective on ICANN's current sTLD process and what are their
suggestions for ICANN's future process for the introduction of new TLDs?

        *Introductions and Overview of the sTLD Process* ~ Bret Fausett, ALAC
GNSO Liaison (Moderator)
        *New sTLD: .JOBS* ~ Ray Fassett, Executive VP, Operations & Policy,
Employ Media LLC.
        *Pending sTLD:* *. XXX* ~ Stuart Lawley, Chairman, ICM Registry

*New Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)* ~ How are they different from
sTLDs? What process for introducing new gTLDs (or more sTLDs) would most
benefit the world's registrants *.and the world's individual Internet
users? How should ICANN promote such objectives as: registrant choice;
value to individual Internet users; an open and competitive domain name
market; TLD applications in major non-English languages; and a wider
geographical distribution of TLD registries (to name a few)? ICANN's
Board designated seven new gTLDs in 2000: .AERO, .BIZ, .COOP, .INFO,
.MUSEUM, .NAME, and .PRO. Since then, ICANN has been considering
technical, economic, operational, legal, public policy and other issues
involved in new TLDs, and has proposed a "New gTLD Implementation Strategy."

        *Introductions and Overview of the gTLD Process* ~ Bret Fausett, ALAC
Liaison (Moderator)
        *ICANN's Strategy and Timeline for New gTLDs *~ Olof Nordling, Manager,
        *At-Large Advisory Cmt. Recommendations* ~ Wendy Seltzer, ALAC member
(via phone)
        *Recommendations of Business/Intellectual Property/Internet Service
Providers* ~ Philip Sheppard, member,                           Business Constituency and GNSO

*Next Steps for At-Large Community *~ Bret Fausett, ALAC Liaison*

*17:00 Close*

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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