Fwd: Re: Luxembourg telephone number

Milton Mueller Mueller at SYR.EDU
Wed Jul 6 16:14:59 CEST 2005

Bad news, we can't get the telephone number in advance. If you are planning to call in to the NCUC meeting Monday, July 11, watch this email list, I will try to post it on Saturday or Sunday when I am on site. I will _not_ be able to update the website when there, so don't look for it on the website. 

The meeting time is 10:30 am continental Europe time, and runs two and a half hours

That is:
4:30 am US East Coast time (you gotta problem wid' dat?)
1:30 am US West Coast time (just the thing to do after a party)
5:30 pm (17:30) Seoul, Korea
4:30 pm (16:30) all of China
9:30 am London
5:30 am Rio de Janeiro

>>> Glen De Saint Géry <glen at icann.org> 07/06/05 8:24 AM >>>
I have been told by the Luxembourg organizers that they are still 
installing telephone lines and thus the numbers will not be available in 
advance. However, on site, I will try and find out and let you know as soon as 
Kind regards,

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