Discussion of ICANN strategic plan

Milton Mueller Mueller at SYR.EDU
Thu Jan 27 21:55:44 CET 2005

Harold, Hakikur and Eung Hwi

Your comments were great, how about something like this as an agreed

Regarding the "Restricted Fund for Developing Country Internet

We support the concept but would prefer to see it re-labelled a
"Restricted Fund for Technical Forums in Developing Countries."
Encouraging and facilitating knowledge-sharing on technical matters
related to DNS and IP protocols falls within ICANN's general purview and
fosters coordination rather than top-down management. We would encourage
ICANN to avoid taking responsibility for building "Internet communities"
in developing countries; local Internet communities should develop
autonomously from the bottom up. We encourage ICANN to define clear and
transparent procedures for organizations to apply for these funds and to
avoid making grants at the discretion of central staff. ICANN should
have objective, neutral and participatory mechanisms to determine who
gets these funds. Any evaluation committee should include
representatives from each of the Supporting Organizations.


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