from Jisuk Woo

Milton Mueller mueller at SYR.EDU
Sun Oct 17 19:03:59 CEST 2004

Jisuk's messages have had some trouble getting through.
I am forwarding this now and will check into the technical
problem.  --MM

>>> Jisuk <jisuk at> 10/16/04 09:59PM >>>
Dear NCUC members,

I have been absent from the discussion list for a while, during which
time I
delivered a baby boy and had some rest at home. I am very sorry that
due to my
pregancy and delivery, I was not able to be active as a Council
I decided not to run for the Council member again, as I will also be
busy next
year as a mother of two children.

My first son is suffering from developmental delay, and I took it to
heart that the role of mother
is critical during the first years of children. But it does not mean
that I will disappear from the NCUC discussion list. I wiil still be
very interested and concerned about the issues related to Internet
governance, particularly from the non-commercial perspective, and try
participate in NCUC
in any way I can as a scholar and activist.

I also would like to express my gratitude and apologies to those who
nominated and supported
me, who had hope for more diversity of the Council.

And I support the nomination for Milton as Chair.

Best regards,

Jisuk Woo

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