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Wed Nov 28 00:33:46 CET 2001

To the extent that one individual holds a vote in another constituency, we 
have in the past and not infrequently, asked them to find another person to 
vote in our NCC.  With that precedent, it would be unfair to those who came 
before *not to ask Kent Crispin to do the same.*

What you are asking, Bill, is whether Marilyn Cade, chief lobbyist for AT&T 
(a founding Business Constituency member; Bus. Const rep to the Names 
Council) can also vote in the NCC as a board member for, say, the humane 
society (nonprofit protecting stray animals).  The answer is and should be 
"no."  Consistent with past practices, the NCC would ask The Humane society 
to find another person to participate and vote in the NCC.  

This policy not only reduces conflicts of interest, but prevents "gaming" of 
the DNSO.  We in the NCC are not all members of ccTLDs, registries, 
registrars, Intellectual Property associations, or for-profit businesses, but 
we and they are all members of some noncommercial organization.   An easy way 
to eliminate the important -- and different -- voice of the NCC would be to 
make sure that each person voting in the, say, Registrar Constituency also 
voted in the NCC.  Under your rules, Bill, that "gaming" could take place 
very easily.

Can we go back to real work now?
regards, kathy

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