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Chun Eung Hwi ehchun at peacenet.or.kr
Mon Nov 5 02:01:49 CET 2001

Dear Vany and others,

With regard to this issue, I think Adam is basically right because I
believe it a right procedure for raising up a quesiton. But Vany's comment
seems to be irrelevant because in our constituency, the contact point of
one member organization is closely associated with the organization
itself. The contact point has the voting right and plays the role of
communication with that organization. Therefore, so far as our charter
clearly excludes those organizations which use the Internet primarily for
commercial activity, it is absolutely inappropriate for any person, who
engaged in those activity and moreover in those activities that ICANN has
some direct relations in its interests, to take the contact point of
non-commerical constituency.

I hope that we could find out reasonable solution for this issue. 


Chun Eung Hwi
Chun Eung Hwi
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> Milton Mueller wrote:
> > Exactly. We required Semich to appoint another
> > voting representative because of his position in
> > the .NU registry. This is what I am asking
> > SVPAL to do.
> In my personal interpretation of the NCDNHC Charter and reviwing past
> practices, this is only required when the
> delegate in the NCDNHC is also delegate for the same or different
> organization in other constituency. Since Dave Crocker
> is not a delegate for any other organization or the same one in any other
> constituency, then what you are requesting doesn't apply.
> Best Regards
> Vany
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