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Dear all,

I hope my email finds you well!

Below is an email from Farell Folly, NCUC representative to the NCSG Policy
Committee. The email informs that a team of three has initiated a
translation of some of our outreach material to French. Would anyone on
this list be able and willing to volunteer to translate the same material
to other ICANN official languages? It would be great to see more of our
languages published thus more people from our regions engaging.

Please do let me know if anyone is interested and I would gladly facilitate
the process.


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Dear All,

Almost one year ago, we started the onboarding program that has been
piloted by Kathy Kleiman, Louise Huriel and Ayden. Thanks to their work,
many members and newcomers to the community got a better understanding of
our role, mission and objectives, and the seven overviews provided during
the program together form an insightful document for any newcomer.

However, as they are also outreach materials, I think it is important that
they are translated in other languages (at least those that are official
within iCANN) so that any newcomer or anyone willing to understand and know
more about NCUC can get the real picture in its officially spoken language
or its native one. That is why two other NCUC members : *Yazid Akanho,
Muriel Alapini* and I decided to translate all the documents produced by
the team into French. We are publishing it here so that people can make
suggestions (typos, insights, format, etc.) and comment to improve it. I
know that Louise Huriel, one of the co-author of the original English
version also speaks French, so *@Huriel* you are in very good position to
improve the translation.

I believe that they are very good materials that can be shared with
newcomers once they first joined NCUC, during ICANN meetings and outreach
events in a format of flyers printed out in different languages and be
distributed to people or visitor to our booth. Please feel free to share it

Please have the document on the following link


Best Regards
Farell FOLLY
NCUC Rep. to the NCSG Policy Committee

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Elsa Saade
Gulf Centre for Human Rights
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