[Membership-affairs] Final feedback round before sending the survey on Monday

Walid AL-SAQAF wsaqaf at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 11:46:09 CET 2015

Dear MAT members,

I'm attaching the survey to get your final round of comments before asking
Maryam to send to all 400+ members. Please go through it one more time and
spot any mistakes or issues.

I plan to have the mass email sent by Monday and hope to get a good
response rate, which will help us improve our work in many ways. Monday
00.00 GMT will be the last time to receive comments. The actual survey is
here: http://goo.gl/XlwyQL

If you have any comments, just type them in below the relevant question

Member Engagement Survey

This survey was initiated to help identify factors that may have hindered
members engagement within NCUC and request feedback to address them.
The survey includes 23 questions, on which some we’d really like your
feedback while answering the others is optional.

You can skip the first two questions if you want to remain anonymous.

Thank you in advance for filling the survey and if you have any questions,
feel free to send an email to Walid Al-Saqaf on <wsaqaf at gmail.com>.

Please fill in the survey before April 1, 2015.

* Required

Q1. Full Name (optional)

Q2. Email (optional)

Q3. Why did you join NCUC/NCSG?

Q4. Whom do you represent in NCUC? *

Q5. For how many years have you been a NCUC member? *

Q6. How many ICANN meetings have you attended in person? *

Q7. How many ICANN meetings have you attended remotely? *

Q8. How much time (hrs) do you dedicate to actively participate in
NCUC/NCSG meetings (online)? *

Q9. As a member, what do you think you could bring (as benefits, skills) to
NCUC? (optional)

Q10. Rate the importance of those NCUC issues to you. *

Q11. List any other issues not mentioned above that you think are
important? (optional)

Q12. How do you assess your in-depth understanding of how the following
work? *

Q13. What did you hope to achieve by joining NCUC/NCSG? (optional)

Q14. How many hours per week on average are you able to volunteer for the
NCUC community? *

Q15. How do you assess the mailing traffic from NCUC-Discuss/NCSG-Discuss
mailing lists? *

Q16. How engaged are you in the following GNSO committees or working
groups? (optional)

Q17. How engaged are you in the following cross-community committees or
working groups? (optional)

Q18. List any other WGs or activities/projects not mentioned above that you
are actively engaged in. (optional)

Q19. On average, how often do you post to the following NCUC mailing lists?

Q20. If you are not actively engaged with the NCUC community, rank what you
think are the reasons for that. (optional)

Q21. Which of those measures do you think will contribute to better member
engagement? *

Q22. Please describe in detail what you think may have prevented you from
engaging actively in NCUC. (optional)
Don't be reserved, get everything off your chest please :)

Q23. Any other thoughts you want to provide about your experience or
CONCRETE suggestions for enhancing member engagement? (optional)



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