[Bylaws] MP3, AC Chat content and Attendance for NCUC call 3 October 2013

Edward Morris edward.morris at alumni.usc.edu
Fri Oct 4 12:10:43 CEST 2013

Hello everybody,

Thanks to all who participated in yesterday's NCUC Bylaws Revision Meeting.
A MP3 recording of the session can be accessed here:


Meeting attendance:


Kate Lawrence - Smith

Edward Morris****

Wilson Abigaba****

Tapani Tarvainen****

Amr Elsadr****

Anthony Nweke****

Timothy Litte****

Bernard Yameogo****

** **


Edward Monge****

** **


Nathalie Peregrine****


*AC Chat content*:

  Nathalie  Peregrine:Dear all, welcome to the NCUC meetoing on the 3rd
October 2013


  Nathalie  Peregrine:There will be audio enabled in the AC room, to
activate your AC room mikes, please click on the telephone icon at the top
of  the AC toolbar and follow instructions from then on. Please don't
hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. There is also  an audio
bridge  available, password NCUC and dial in numbers aviailable on the
email invitation.****

  Kate Smith-Lawrence:is it possible to use skype ?****

  Nathalie  Peregrine:if you can dial one of the Verizon numbers, there
should not be a problem****

  Nathalie  Peregrine:alternatively, you can connect to the audio in the AC
room  fairly easily****

  Kate Smith-Lawrence:ok thanks, that appears to have worked****

  Tapani Tarvainen:Guess you can't hear me?****

  Tapani Tarvainen:On a computer****

  Tapani Tarvainen:I can hear you fine****

  Kate Smith-Lawrence:i seem to be getting alot of interference****

  Tapani Tarvainen:My mike looks like its working but apparently not?****

  Tapani Tarvainen:I can hear you Ed****

  Anthony:i have just muted my mike****


  Amr Elsadr:Hi..., joined the call.****

  Nathalie  Peregrine:Anthony, could I have your last name please for
attendance purposes?****

  Anthony:Anthony Nweke****

  Nathalie  Peregrine:thank you@****

  Amr Elsadr:I can hear you both. :)****

  Tapani Tarvainen:Can't hear Wilson****

  Wilson Abigaba:wait, still connecting my audio****

  Wilson Abigaba:ok, dial out to me please. +256 79 079 0199****

  Wilson Abigaba:ok, thanks!****

  Kate Smith-Lawrence:its fine here ****

  Tapani Tarvainen:fine here too****

  Anthony:i  am fine****

  Amr Elsadr:Tapani..., heavy distortion on your line. Hard to make out
what you're saying.****

  Kate Smith-Lawrence:yes****

  Wilson Abigaba:Tapani, perhaps they should dial out to your mobile phone?*

  Nathalie  Peregrine:Tapani, please provide a number so we can dial out to

  Nathalie  Peregrine:we're setting up the dial out****

  Nathalie  Peregrine:Tapani is on the phone bridge****

  Bernard Yameogo:hello sorry to be late. Internet so slow...****

  Amr Elsadr:Folks..., you can raise your hands in the AC Room to take
turns to speak.****

  Bernard Yameogo:i am here ****

  Bernard Yameogo:i m trying to follow. the audio stream is  so weak that
there is a lot of silence... ****

  Amr Elsadr:I would say that's fair.****

  Amr Elsadr:I think November as a deadline is unrealistic..., but that's
just me.****

  Tapani Tarvainen:All, see http://pad.ncuc.org/p/bylaws****

  Kate Smith-Lawrence:night****

  Nathalie  Peregrine:thank you!****

  Tapani Tarvainen:By all and thank you!****

  Bernard Yameogo:ok thank  you everyone****

  Anthony:Good night all****

Thanks to Nathalie for all of her help.

Kind Regards,

Ed Morris
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